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Cheltenham Ladies Day

Well we did it again guys! We went to the Cheltenham races on Ladies Day! 

What a day it was too! Drinking wine from mugs, doubles before 11, cheeky chugging of pints to run out of the bars to watch the races... thankfully that was the only ‘naughty’ part of the day we did. 

Starting at the shop, getting dolled up altogether with our dearest friends Peter and Adela Hayward, we were planning our statement looks for the day. Peter kindly took photos as he had his camera on him “by chance”!

We then had a wander into town to have a quick pre-drink before heading up to Cheltenham racecourse and we got snapped by gloslive and various other race goers! We had some entertainment outside Copa by a wonderful samba band collecting money for dementia.

When we got to the racecourse we were snapped up by various photographers and punters, like being a celeb! And we began our day... we all took part in ‘Colour Me March’ which we are now holding a ‘Colour Me Monrose’ until next year. But more on that another time. 

It was windy and a bit chilly, but overall it was a fantastic day. We all saw old friends, acquaintances and made new friends too! 

Next year we would LOVE for many more ladies to join us to put the Monrose stamp on Cheltenham’s Ladies Day with us!!! 

Much love, as always,

Emma x